In Loving Memory


K9 Scout

9/6/2006 - 5/26/2018

​Handler: Brad Dede

Abbey was a kind loving soul. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was the best search dog I could have every had. Certified 9 times with NAPWDA she was dedicated to her Trailing job to find the missing. She will be greatly missed but will be in my heart forever.

Run Free Hera!

In Loving Memory


K9 Clipper


​Handler: Brad Dede

Clipper was a high drive crazy k9. He loved search work. Certified many times over he would search until he dropped. Run free Clipper!

Run Free Clipper!

Dedicated to our lost K9 Partners that have

crossed the Rainbow Bridge

In Loving Memory


K9 Hera

Jan. 2009-Jan. 2016

​Handler: Glenda Eichmeyer

Run Free Abbey!

Scout was a dedicated searcher and the kindest furry soul. He would work until he had to be stopped before exhaustion. He was proficient in Trailing, Area and HRD. Certified with many organizations. He will be greatly missed by everyone who has known him and worked with him. Run Free Scout!

In Loving Memory


K9 Abbey

Jan 9, 2009-Feb 6, 2023

​Handler: Janet Singleton

Run Free Bob!

In Loving Memory


K9 Bob

June 2002 - 11/23/2016

​Handler: Sandra Perry

Bob was a great big guy with the kindest heart. He had every Trailing Certification I believe any SAR K9 could have gotten. He will be greatly missed by his team mates and everyone that knew him.

Rest our precious Bob!


Hera was a 25lb ball of fire that loved her ball and being a search and rescue dog. Her dedication to the job exceeded all others expectations of her ability for the work. In 2009 She received her CGC and in 2015 received her basic Obedience title thru the Mixed Breed Dogs of America. She received her first SAR certification in Air Scent in 2012 and then again in 2014. She was a small dog but had a large heart and could work with the best of the large dogs. She got her nickname "Pocket Rocket" from one of the trailing instructors because she loved to jump. She also learned how to climb up into your arms by using a person as a step ladder. Hera and Glenda worked as one. They could read each others minds and work simultaneously. She loved her job and would never give up.

She will be greatly missed. She gave her handler the best dog to start learning Search and Rescue...... Rest our precious Hera!

Run Free Scout!

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