Mid-Missouri Search Dogs

Canine Search and Rescue Association

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Canine Search & Rescue Association, 501(c)(3)
E-mail: Katybr90@yahoo.com

*We service the state of eastern Missouri and western Illinois  
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Search K-9 Team is an all volunteer organization that is funded entirely by private donations, cooperate donations and grants. 

*All donations are tax deductible as the Search K-9 Team is a 501(c) organization. A tax receipt will be mailed for all donations received by the Search K-9 Team. 

If you would like to make a donation our organization, there are several ways to help further our mission. You can donate securely by completing the form below. Additional checks can be mailed to our field office. Please make check or money order out to: 


Canine Search and Rescue Association 

1112 Boschert Drive

Saint Charles, Missouri 63304

Your donations can help provide the support needed to locate a lost child, missing person, or assist us with a natural disaster search and rescue mission. We thank you in advance for your donations.